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Plan E (Parked) Plan D (100%) Plan C (90%) Plan B (80%) Plan A (50%)
Monthly Fee $0 $120 $120 $120 $120
Transaction Fee $999 $399 $250 $250 $250
CRM Fee $0 $0 $30 $0 $0
Listing Fee (Successful Trade or Not) $399 $0 $0 $0 $0
Showing Time
TransactionDesk (Authentisign) and Access to Office Transaction Templates and Clauses
Preconstruction Deals Pay Upon Payment Reciept (While Registered with HLRI)
Access to new preconstruction projects
Business Cards
No Showing time Activation Fee
No Listing Submission Review Fee (for Incomplete Submissions)
MLS Administration
HPP (HLRI Pension Plan) Profit Sharing
Access to company generated leads
CRM Automation
Unlimited Resale and Preconstruction HOT Leads
Virtual Office Platform
Preconstruction Deals Commission Advance
Unlimited Coaching and Training
Full BackOffice Service
Office Desk and Meeting Room
ISA Service
Collab Program
HLRI Exclusive Tools
Access to HLRI past clients info
Opportunity to start your own Team as a TEAM LEADER
APS Consultation
Office 365 Professional Account
Access to Sales Material (Phone Scripts, Presentations,…) and Sales Techniques
Gamifications and Office Races
Comprehensive In-House Marketing
Preconstruction Projects Regular Updates
Goal Setting and Goal Tracking
Fast-Tracked Account Recievable Service
Weekly/Daily Sales Meetings and Role-Play
Benefiting from Ongoing new Sales Strategies Implementation

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