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9 most important advantages that would STOP YOU from walking into a sales office without representation.

Retaining your own Platinum/VIP real estate agent to represent you in your new construction condo purchase: 

  • Won’t cost you anything and could actually end up saving you $$$1000$$$ and plenty of time.     
  • Would ensure you understand the convoluted process of pre-construction purchase and clarify all the hidden costs of your transaction.  
  • Would benefit you in avoiding hidden costs. In buying a new construction condo, prices are not negotiable, however, your real estate agent can negotiate certain charges like builder administrative fees or development levies, and many more, be taken out or capped. 
  • Could get you access, prior to opening the project up to the general public, to best floor plans and best prices. 
  • Could get you extra benefits if the brokerage has made a deal with the builder for certain promos. 
  • Would give you confidence that the builders’ asking price is fair when he/she runs market comparison for similar projects and even similar units in similar developments. 
  • Would give you insider knowledge of the neighbourhood as they are aware of new construction proposals for both new residential and commercial building projects that are coming down the pipeline and even paint a picture as to how the neighbourhood skyline will look two or three years down the road when your new condo building is finally finished. 
  • Won’t limit you to one project. The builder’s sales staff are only familiar with their own units in their own project.  Not only does a condo specialized real estate agent have access to information on all new condo developments in your neighborhood but also is aware of buying opportunities of new construction units for you in the resale and assignment markets as well. 
  • Would hook you up with assignment deals, if you like the idea of living in a new condo but you don’t want to wait a few years for the project to be built or if you have your heart set on a particular new condo project, but you didn’t move fast enough and now the development is all sold out, they’ve even broken ground and are starting to build. 

At Home Leader, we pride ourselves in being specialists in resale and pre-construction condos for the past two decades. Use our FREE services and we guarantee you’ll like the result and you will join the pool of our happy clients.

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