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10 Tips for Your PDI on Your New Condo in Toronto

Congratulations-your condo is ready for occupancy! 


Now it’s time to do your PDI (pre-delivery inspection). You’ve probably been waiting as long as 4 years for this, and now it’s finally time to take possession of your new home or investment property. Your PDI is your opportunity to see the condo for the very first time and walk through the property with the builder’s representative. The main purpose of the inspection is for you as the purchaser to make a list of all the deficiencies (damaged, incomplete, or missing items, as well as anything not functioning properly) present in the property. 

Here are some tips to get the most out of your PDI: 

  1. Don’t rush it. Take your time and go through your unit carefully. It’s likely one of the largest investments you will ever make, so get to the appointment early and be in a good frame of mind to inspect your unit. 
  2. Be nice. Make friends with the developer’s reps when doing the inspection because you are going to need their help to make sure your requests get addressed after the fact. 
  3. Focus on the most important rooms. The kitchen is #1 and the bathrooms are #2. Spend most of your time here. 
  4. Focus on the details. Open every cabinet. Pull every handle. Close every door. Turn on every faucet. Flush every toilet. Anything that moves is most likely to be installed incorrectly or broken.
  5. Consider bringing someone with you. It can be helpful to have another set of eyes.
  6. Don’t hire a home inspector. Home inspectors are not trained to inspect brand new condos, they are trained to find problems in old homes. Save your money. 
  7. Read through your APS before your PDI. Your agreement of purchase and sale contains a detailed list of all the finishes and features of your suite. Compare what you see with what was promised you and make sure you are getting what you paid for. 
  8. If you miss something, you have the 30-day form. After you take possession, if you find a ‘deficiency’, you can go through TARION. If you miss something, you have the 30-day form. After you take possession, if you find a ‘deficiency’, you can go through TARION. You don’t want to go through TARION for the time wasted and the hassle.
  9. Pick your battles. If you do have issues with your condo after you take possession (and you most likely will), pick your battles carefully and focus on the most important issues, knowing that you are never going to get a 100% perfect unit.
  10. Bring a tape measure and flashlight. While you will have the builders floor plan as a guide for furniture, this is your chance to see exactly how much space you have for the couch, dining table or bed. Remember that the builder is allowed to modify space to a small degree(2% give or take), so it might change from the original plan. Sometimes the power might be off, if the builder is working on a certain part of the building, so having a flashlight just in case doesn’t hurt!  


Questions or comments about PDI’s? Please contact us. 


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